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Soul Communicator Certification Training Program

Expand your Soul Communication possibilities!

The Tao Soul Communicator Training Program is an opportunity for you to enhance and further expand the abilities of your four major spiritual channels: Soul Language, Soul Communication, Third Eye, and Direct Knowing Channels. You will focus and refine the abilities of the Soul Language and Direct Soul Communication Channels in this course, for these are the stepping-stones to open the other channels. Learn the ancient wisdom and practical tools and techniques that will allow you to open your spiritual channels and give spiritual guidance to others and yourself.

The Tao Soul Communicator Training Program expands on the fundamentals of communication. Our communication has scope beyond our understanding. We can receive the messages from the Source, the Divine, the Saints, our own soul.

In this training program, you will learn and experience how to:

Upon certification, students will receive authorization to access certain layers of the Akashic Records in Heaven (the place where every soul’s record of service is stored). Certified Soul Communicators will empower others through highly accurate soul communication and life guidance soul readings to bring clarity and direction to their lives and soul journeys.

Opening our spiritual channels and accessing the Akashic Records is an honor beyond words. Soul Communication can benefit our loved ones, family, friends, clients or those who wish to have answers to burning questions in their lives. This training is to empower you to offer life guidance soul readings to help others and you to become happier, healthier and successful in life.

This course is a guide to communicate in a unique and profound way. It is a certification training program to expand your spiritual communication abilities, your service and the possibilities for your physical life and spiritual journey. Apply to become a Tao Soul Communicator today!

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Required texts


The Tao Soul Communicator Training Program will be offered in English, Dutch, and German languages.

All classes will be via video and students will require a computer and high-speed internet access that will play videos and communicate via Skype without interruptions. There are no teleclasses associated with this program. Level 1 classes will begin August 11, 2020.

Please note that is an English language web site. The video instructions and course materials will be delivered in their respective languages through


$4,900 CAD total fee for the Tao Soul Communicator Certification Training Program. Registration fees for the Tao Transmission and the levels of the program are paid in Canadian currency. Registration fees for the Level 3 retreat are paid in the local currency of where the events are held. Fee includes:

Schedule and Event Locations

Video classes are scheduled to begin:

The Level 1-2 workshops will be held on webcast. The Level 3 Retreat will be in person and on webcast. Event schedule:

The English language will be in Eastern time. The Dutch and German languages will be in Central European time.

Level 3 Retreats will be held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (English); Amersfoort, Netherlands (Dutch); and location to be determined in Germany (German).
Please note that:

Small Group Sessions will be held weekly starting from week 3 in each Level in Hawaii, Pacific, Eastern, Greenwich Mean Time/British Summer Time, Central European, India, and Australian Eastern (daylight or standard as applicable depending on the time of year). Day and time to be announced and may change based upon local region’s needs.

Course Overview

Class One: The Foundation for the Spiritual Channels

Class Two: Shen Qi and Jing (Information, Energy and Matter)

Class Three: Love Peace and Harmony in Daily Life

Quiz 1

Class Four: Health and Happiness

Class Five: Harmonious Relationships

Class Six: Flourishing Finances, Career and Business

Quiz 2

Class Seven: Transforming Our Actions

Class Eight: Transforming Our Speech

Class Nine: Transforming our Thoughts

Quiz 3

Class Ten: Guidance from your Soul

Class Eleven: Guidance from a Buddha, Saint or Holy Being

Class Twelve: Guidance from the Divine and the Tao

Quiz 4

Level 1 Online Exam

Level 1 Online Workshop


Class One: Direct Soul Communication, The 10 Greatest Qualities and the 5 Elements

Class Two: The Greatest Love and Forgiveness

Class Three: The Greatest Compassion and Light

Quiz 1

Class Four: The Greatest Humility and Harmony

Class Five: The Greatest Flourishing and Gratitude

Class Six: The Greatest Service and Enlightenment

Quiz 2

Class Seven: The Wood Element

Class Eight: The Fire Element

Class Nine: The Earth Element

Quiz 3

Class Ten: The Metal Element

Class Eleven: The Water Element

Class Twelve: The Seven Soul Houses and The Shen Qi Jing Channels

Quiz 4

Level 2 Online Exam

Level 2 Online Workshop


Class One: The Heart, The Mind and The Spiritual Channels

Class Two: How to Offer Personal Consultations  

Class Three: How to Offer Akashic Record Readings

Quiz 1

Class Four: Transforming the Mental Body – Negative Mindsets

Class Five: Transforming the Mental Body – Negative Attitudes

Class Six: Transforming the Mental Body – Negative Beliefs

Quiz 2

Class Seven: Transforming Ego and Attachments

Class Eight: Introduction to Third Eye Wisdom

Class Nine: Further Third Eye Wisdom 

Quiz 3

Class Ten: Interpreting and Serving with Third Eye Images

Class Eleven: Introduction to the Direct Knowing Channel

Class Twelve: Direct Knowing Channel, Purity and The Soul Journey

Quiz 4

Level 3 Online Exam

Level 3 Retreat

Learning objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to: 

Important Notice about Certification

The final step of certification after the student completes all other requirements successfully is to receive approval through Tao spiritual guidance that one is spiritually ready to be certified. The spiritual reading is based upon the student’s purity and readiness to serve in the role of a certified Soul Communicator. If a student is not spiritually ready to be certified, Tao spiritual guidance will continue to be checked every two months for readiness.
Upon certification, students will receive a Tao Order to be authorized to access certain layers of the Akashic Records in Heaven.

Refund Policy

Due to spiritual consideration, no refunds will be given for Divine or Tao Transmissions. No refund is given for any level started after the fifth week. Schedules and fees are subject to change.

Webcast and teleconference/webinar participant protocol



Mobile phones


To be certified, each student must earn a grade of 80% or above, divided as follows:

Written test

Attendance and participation

Evaluation of student learning assignments

Oral examinations

Written examinations

Academic Honesty