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Tao Soul Communicator Certification Training Program

Expand your Soul Communication possibilities!

The Tao Soul Communicator Training Program is an opportunity for you to enhance and further expand the abilities of your four major spiritual channels: Soul Language, Soul Communication, Third Eye, and Direct Knowing Channels. You will focus and refine the abilities of the Soul Language and Direct Soul Communication Channels in this course, for these are the stepping-stones to open the other channels. Learn the ancient wisdom and practical tools and techniques that will allow you to open your spiritual channels and give spiritual guidance to others and yourself.

The Tao Soul Communicator Training Program expands on the fundamentals of communication. Our communication has scope beyond our understanding. We can receive the messages from the Source, the Divine, the Saints, our own soul.

In this training program, you will learn and experience how to:

Upon certification, students will receive authorization to access certain layers of the Akashic Records in Heaven (the place where every soul’s record of service is stored). Certified Soul Communicators will empower others through highly accurate soul communication and life guidance soul readings to bring clarity and direction to their lives and soul journeys.

Opening our spiritual channels and accessing the Akashic Records is an honor beyond words. Soul Communication can benefit our loved ones, family, friends, clients or those who wish to have answers to burning questions in their lives. This training is to empower you to offer life guidance soul readings to help others and you to become happier, healthier and successful in life.

This course is a guide to communicate in a unique and profound way. It is a certification training program to expand your spiritual communication abilities, your service and the possibilities for your physical life and spiritual journey. Apply to become a Tao Soul Communicator today!

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