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Explore your path to become a Tao Calligraphy Teacher

Explore your path to become a Tao Calligraphy Teacher

As a Tao Calligraphy Teacher, your calligraphy writing is reaching a very high level. You will be able to bless people for many aspects of their life challenges. You will also be able to create many blessings as you teach practitioners to heighten their abilities to advance their own practice to bless others more powerfully. Through teaching, you amplify positive karma (or “your universal service” or “your positive impact”) through widening the scope of Tao Calligraphy. Your service potential is magnified as a teacher, greatly multiplying the power of your blessings as you spread the love, forgiveness, compassion, and light that are embodied in Tao Calligraphy.

As you continue to develop, you may follow the pathways to become a Tao Calligraphy Teacher, Tao Calligraphy Master Teacher, then become a Tao Calligraphy Grandmaster Teacher. At the highest level, you can become a Master Sha Tao Calligraphy Lineage Holder.

As a teacher, you are empowered to hold Tao Calligraphy workshops and to sell your powerful personally written Tao Calligraphies.

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