Master Sha TaoAcademy

Student Fee, Refund and Withdrawal Policy

Student Fee Policy

All Student fees are payable in Canadian dollars by credit card, PayPal, or certified cheque on the date of registration. Event fees will be paid in the local currency where it is taking place. Student fees must be paid in full before a Student commences instruction in a Program . USSC does not provide students with assistance to pay fees. * A fee of $30 CAD will be charged if your credit card is denied by your bank.

Student Fees may include payment for the following Program costs depending upon the program:

  1. Online courses (videos, message boards, program files, and other online studying materials)
  2. Teleconferences
  3. Live webinars or webcasts
  4. Attendance at events (workshops and retreats)
  5. Practice Sessions
  6. Small Group Sessions
  7. Tao Transmissions related specifically to the course
  8. Written materials
  9. Assessments from a Master Teacher or Soul Teacher
  10. Online or in person examinations
  11. Evaluation and review forms
  12. Agreement and certificate
  13. Administration of programs and Tao Academy
  14. Other Program components

The Student Fees do NOT include the costs of travel to and from the retreat, food, accommodation or necessary emergency care during the retreat. The student fees do NOT include costs for identified Program materials needed for the Program and carry additional fees, i.e. books, audiobooks, CDs, DVDs, card sets, and other study materials. The Student Fees do NOT include costs for repeating the Program.

Refund Policy
A refund shall only be provided in accordance with the Student Refund Policy. Student fees are not refundable except in the following limited circumstances:

  1. The student may receive a full refund less 20% of payment(s), if the student rescinds the Enrolment Contract and requests a refund in writing to before the commencement of the Period of Instruction. USSC does not provide refunds or partial refunds of payments made by a Student once the Instructional period has commenced.
  2. The student may receive a full refund less 20%, if the Program is cancelled by USSC before the instructional period has ceased and before the student completed the Program, except in circumstances where USSC has ceased to operate, in which case no refund will be refunded.
  3. The student may receive a full refund less 20%, if the student does not commence and is unable to participate in the Program due to illness, demonstrated by a medical certificate provided by a physician or surgeon registered and in good standing with the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons.

If a refund is payable by USSC, it shall be paid to the Student within 30 business days.

For clarity, USSC shall not provide a refund if a Student has been expelled from the Program as a result of the Student’s failure to comply with the Student Responsibilities, or if the Student has commenced the Program of instruction or the Student has failed to attend and/or participate in the Program. 

USSC shall not retain, by way of deduction or set-off, any refund of fees payable to a student in order to recover an amount owed by the Student in respect of any service or program offered by USSC.

Official Withdrawal from the Program Policy

If you wish to voluntarily and permanently withdraw from a Program at any time, you must submit your request in writing to Refunds will be issued as outlined in the Refund Policy.

Tao Academy will assign “no pass” grades for any incomplete enrolled semester, level or Program unless you have officially and formally withdrawn from the Program where applicable. You are also responsible for all associated course fees, such as books and audio books.