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Learning Resources

There are numerous resources available online through the website to help you immerse yourself in learning about Guan Yin and Da Bei Zhou.

Online Learning Resources

Learn Da Bei Zhou with Master Sha
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Download Da Bei Zhou
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Guan Yin Chanting by Master Sha
In this video, Master Sha offers profound blessings by chanting two sacred mantras to honor Guan Yin: Namo Guan Shi Yin Pusa and Namo Ling Hui Shen Shi.
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Da Bei Zhou CD
Da Bei Zhou is one of the highest sacred mantras known to humanity because it calls Guan Yin, the Bodhisattva of Compassion, and eighty-seven other highest buddhas, as well as their entire lineage and countless spiritual beings who have chanted Da Bei Zhou from pre-history.
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Listen to Da Bei Zhou
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Da Bei Zhou Chant Lyrics
View the invocation and the 88 lines of the Da Bei Zhou
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Da Bei Zhou Banners with all 88 lines
Learn Da Bei Zhou with the help of these 11 beautiful banners, each with 8 lines
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Xiao Bei Zhou
1. 1000 Hands, 1000 Eyes
2. Greatest Compassion
3. Save Humanity and Release the Suffering
4. Highest Enlightenment
5. The One Who Hears the Sounds or Cries of the World
6. Soul Intelligence Saint Servant
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Watch to Learn Da Bei Zhou
Chant with and receive blessings from Master Sha and Guan Yin Lineage Holders

Da Bei Zhou Interactive Module
Learn Da Bei Zhou at your own pace, line by line, with the help of this interactive module. Click each line to learn it by heart.
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Da Bei Zhou Score – © Heaven’s Library
Learn Da Bei Zhou, with the help of its musical notes
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Mantra of Supreme Enlightenment
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