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Guan Yin Lineage Program

The purpose of life is to serve. To become a Guan Yin lineage holder is to devote yourself with the greatest compassion to serve to end suffering and to answer the call of anyone in need. Living and spreading the message of service is the essence of becoming a lineage holder.

This lineage program has been created for those who are spiritually ready to dedicate themselves with a pure heart and soul to spreading the message of unconditional and selfless service.
As Guan Yin Lineage Holders, you will elevate your ability to help people clear blockages and flourish in their physical and spiritual journeys. The highest service is through spiritual practice that uplifts consciousness and thus serves the present and eternal journey of the soul. The spiritual practice of greatest compassion is the most powerful way to help others and to spread the message of unconditional service.

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To be a lineage holder connects you directly with the spiritual presence and power of Guan Yin, the entire Guan Yin Lineage, and the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of Da Bei Zhou. To become a lineage holder enables you to provide far more powerful and significant unconditional service to humanity.

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