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Learn about A Mi Tou Fo Lineage

Learn about A Mi Tou Fo Lineage

A Mi Tuo Fo was one of the most extraordinary Buddhas in all of history.  As the Buddha of Infinite Light and Infinite Life, he created the Pure Land in Heaven, a celestial realm of unconditional love and enlightenment.

Studying the wisdom of A Mi Tuo Fo and chanting and meditating with his name bestows an all-encompassing and profound love and compassion. An A Mi Tuo Fo practice purifies the soul and clears away distorted thinking and unhealthy overattachments and passion, leading to more happiness and, ultimately, enlightenment.

A Mi Tuo Fo’s great service to humanity was to give everyone who chants his name with deep sincerity a home in the Pure Land when they die and their physical journey ends. After rebirth in the Pure Land, everyone lives without pain or suffering and can remain there until reaching enlightenment. Some of the enlightened may choose to return to Mother Earth to help others and continue to spread the immeasurable blessings of A Mi Tuo Fo.

When you receive the great honor of being an A Mi Tuo Fo Lineage Holder, you will be able to introduce people who are spiritually ready to A Mi Tuo Fo and spread the enormous blessings of unlimited light and boundless happiness. With the power of A Mi Tuo Fo you will be able to help people with blessings for every aspect of life and enable people to reach the Pure Land. Your ability to serve will expand enormously as you connect people to the unbounded light of A Mi Tuo Fo and to enlightenment in the Pure Land in Heaven.