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Tao Science – Course 2. Law of Karma

By Dr. and Master Rulin Xiu

Taught By

Dr. and Master Teacher Rulin Xiu


You will receive: Modules: 1 lesson (2 hours) every week Weeks: 6 Video: 12 hours of videos Skill Level: All Levels Languages: English Oral and written exams Includes: 3 months unlimited views Watch on any Android or Apple Devices


  • Week 1
    • > Karma and Law of Karma Part I
  • Week 2
    • > Law of Karma Part II
  • Week 3
    • > How to Clear Negative Karma
  • Week 4
    • > The Root Cause of All Negative Karma
  • Week 5
    • > How to Clear Karma through Clearing Seven Chakras
  • Week 6
    • > The Tao Science Blueprint to Uplift Every Aspect of Our Lives
  • Tao Academy Online Survey


Dr. and Master Teacher Rulin Xiu

Dr. Rulin Xiu is a quantum physicist and string theorist who received her doctorate degree from UC Berkeley in 1994. She has worked on the grand unification theory for more than twenty years. Grand unification theory (GUT) is to use one mathematic formula to explain and understand everyone and everything.

For a long time, she could not make the progress she really wanted to make on the grand unification theory. After encountering meeting her spiritual teacher Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, she finally was able to fulfill her dream to obtain a solution for the grand unification theory that she was happy with.

The grand unification theory she obtained with her spiritual teacher Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha contributes to not only unifying all the forces, matter, and space-time, it also provides a way to unify science with spirituality.

Co-founder of Soul Mind Body Science System and Tao Science and co-author of the monumental book Soul Mind Body Science System: Grand Unification Theory and Practice with Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, Rulin Xiu, Ph.D., works on the forefront of a breakthrough science to unify science and spirituality at the most fundamental level.

In 2014 Dr. Rulin received the book Divine Love. Divine Love is the message about how to use the power of love to create a life full of love, abundance, joy, and peace. Dr. Rulin is dedicated to awakening humanity to divine love and teaching people to live in divine love. She created the science of love to unify love with science.

Rulin Xiu is also a Certified Master Teacher trained by of the world-renowned transformational leader Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. She travels worldwide offering soul heart mind body blessings to help people have rapid transformations in health, relationships, finances, intelligence, happiness and every aspect of life.

Rulin Xiu is also founder and president of Pharm East.


Course description

This six-week class is to teach the Law of Karma, including the scientific definition of karma (negative and positive karma), the scientific understanding of law of karma, how to apply this science to clear negative karma and transform it into positive karma to transform every aspect of your life, and how to use the law of karma to become a more powerful creator.

This class will help you understand why your life is what it is, why you think in a certain way, how certain patterns in your life are formed, and more. You will learn how to change your life at the root cause level by learning how to transform negative karma into positive karma, and how to manifest the life you really want now.

Students will also receive blessings to help them understand the wisdom and support their transformation.

Students are required to bring one or two life situations or areas that they really want to transform. They will apply the wisdom and practice that they learn in this course to transform them. They are required to make a presentation to share the wisdom and the life transforming experience of this course.

Based on the presentation and the life transforming experience, some students may receive the certification for taking this course.

Required texts: (additional fees apply)

  • Soul Mind Body Science System: Grand Unification, Theory and Practice for Healing, Rejuvenation, Longevity, and Immortality
  • Tao Science: The Science, Wisdom, and Practice of Creation and Grand Unification (when published)

Learning objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe the scientific definition about what is karma, negative karma, and positive karma
  • Describe what is the law of karma I and II and how to scientifically understand and derive the law of Karma
  • Describe why karma has delay effect, accumulative effect, layers, and can be inherited.
  • Describe scientifically how to clear karma through forgiveness, gratitude, service, and learning lessons.
  • Learn about the root cause of all negative karma and how to clear that
  • Learn the Tao Science Blueprint for clearing the negative karma and apply it in your life.

Overview of topics by class

Week 1. Karma and Law of Karma Part I

  • The scientific definition of Karma
  • Scientific definition of positive karma and negative karma
  • The measure of karma
  • Different karmas
  • Scientific Law of Karma I
  • Explanation
  • Deduction
  • Application
  • Practice
  • Blessings

Week 2. Law of Karma Part II

  • Law of Karma II
  • Explanation
  • Deduction
  • Application
  • Practice
  • Blessings

Week 3. How to Clear Negative Karma

  • Forgiveness
  • Gratitude
  • Learn the Lesson
  • Service
  • Practice
  • Blessing

Week 4. The Root Cause of All Negative Karma

  • What is the root cause of all negative karma from Tao Science point of view?
  • Practice to remove the root cause of all negative karma
  • Blessing

Week 5. How to clear karma through clearing seven chakras

  • What are the Seven Chakras and effect and function of each
  • Techniques of Tao Science to clear the negative information in seven chakras into positive information
  • Practice
  • Blessing

Week 6. The Tao Science blueprint to uplift every aspect of our lives

  • The blueprint to uplift every aspect of our lives
  • Practice
  • Blessing

Certification of course completion will be given to all students who complete the course and pass the written test. The written test will include twenty questions with multiple choices. The students who successfully pass with a score 70% or above will receive a certificate of course completion.

Evaluation of student learning/assignments

Written examinations

  • Written examinations will be based on the reading material given during this course
  • The written examination can include multiple choice, free response, and true-or-false questions

Attendance and participation

  • Students are expected to attend all webcasts and watch video recordings of the weekly webcasts they have missed.
    • It is the student's responsibility to watch the webcast recording prior to the next class.
  • Students are expected to participate in Tao Science study group to share their learning and life transformation experience through this class.


To receive a certificate of participation, students need to pass a written examination with a score of 70% of higher.

  • Written test
  • Grades are determined by a point scale
  • Online written tests will be given at the end of course
  • Passing grade is 70% or higher
  • Excellent: 90 – 100%
  • Very good: 80 – 89%
  • Satisfactory: 70 – 79%
  • No pass: 69 and below
  • Incomplete

Academic Honesty

  • Students are expected to have academic honesty at all times. Academic dishonesty, which includes cheating, plagiarism and other forms of dishonest or unethical behavior, is prohibited.
  • Students are responsible for learning and upholding professional standards.


Tao Science Kurs 1 Das Gesetz von Shen Qi und Jing und Tao Science Kurs 2 Das Gesetz von Karma — Marlies J. C. Reimers

Ich möchte mich herzlichst für beide Kurse bedanken. Sie haben mein Leben sehr bereinigt. Ich kann gar nicht in Worte fassen, was ich alles gelernt habe. Doch klar kann ich sagen, dass mir die Lehren so gut geholfen haben, dass mein Kopfkino zurzeit im Ruhe-Modus läuft. Die negative Gedankenwelt ist nicht aktiv. Ich habe gelernt negative Botschaften zu hinterfragen, warum seid ihr da, was ist eure Aufgabe, was darf ich durch euch lernen. Danke, für jede Botschaft und danke dafür, das ich lernen durfte, diese Botschaften in positive Botschaften zu transformieren.
Ich spüre ganz klar, das sich meine Gedanken und meine Sprache verändert haben. Ich formuliere klare Aussagen zu den Dingen, die ich nicht mehr in meinem Leben haben will und ebenso formuliere ich klar, was ich mir wünsche.
Ich fühle mich viel mehr mit mir und meinem Sein verbunden, als ich es noch vor einigen Wochen tat.
Ich bin unendlich dankbar.
Danke, danke, danke. CBDs, CBDs, CBDs.
Mein dank gilt dem Tao, dem Göttlichen, Master Sha, Master Rulin, allen Heiligen und allen Mitstudentinnen und Studenten.

Finding My True Love — Dove Saberon

As I connect with the Law of Karma, i wanted to to bring to my reality a true love relationship. I have struggled with male partner relationships my whole life. As i clear the blockages in my chakras through the guidance within the practces, i am able to bring myself into a true love state. I am going through deep purification with my thoughts and actions. This is a huge blessing for my life. The practices are so sacred and powerful. I am beyond grateful and extremely happy I am a Tao Science student. Thank you Master Sha! Thank you Master Rulin! Thank you EVERYONE!!! Love you!

Law of Karma Module 2 Transformed My Life — Porsche Ing

I'm so grateful for Dr. & Master Sha's deepest and highest wisdom which was channeled and taught by Dr. & Master in this Amazing class ! It really helped me change my view on karma and be more empowered by it instead of dreading it. There were so many deep profound changes that I experienced in my relationships, work, service, attitude, mindsets, and overall optimism. I am feeling so much more empowered by the teachings, practices, and meditations that I hope everyone can have the most Magical experience with this course...and even help more people feel the love of the lessons which Karma came here to teach all of us. Karma is definitely the greatest empowerment for our lives and I am infinitely grateful for this phenomenal wisdom ! Now we can truly "Live the Love" we were born to experience and reach the highest level of our Soul's magnificence instead of settling for a lesser experience of suffering and pain. It's Master Sha's greatest compassion for us to study the Law of Karma. I look so forward to the Law of Yin Yang Module 3 !!!