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Tao Science – Course 1. Law of Shen Qi Jing Course

By Dr. and Master Rulin Xiu

Taught By

Dr. and Master Rulin Xiu


You will receive: Modules: 1 lesson (2 hours) every week Weeks: 6 Video: 12 hours of videos Skill Level: All Levels Languages: English Oral and written exams Includes: 6 months unlimited views Watch on any Android or Apple Devices


  • Week 1
    • > Soul
  • Week 2
    • > Heart
  • Week 3
    • > Mind
  • Week 4
    • > Qi – Energy
  • Week 5
    • > Jing – Matter
  • Week 6
    • > Presentation by students
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Dr. and Master Rulin Xiu

A quantum physicist and string theorist received her doctorate degree from UC Berkeley in 1994 Dr. Rulin Xiu worked on the grand unification theory for more than twenty years. Grand unification theory (GUT) is to use one mathematic formula to explain and understand everyone and everything.

For a long time she could not make the progress she really wanted to make on the grand unification theory. After encountering divine and meeting her spiritual teacher Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha she finally was able to fulfill her dream to obtain a solution for the grand unification theory she was happy with.

The grand unification theory she obtained with her spiritual teacher Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha contributes to not only unifying all the forces matters and space-time it also provides a way to unify science with spirituality.

Co-founder of Soul Mind Body Science System and Tao Science and co-author of the monumental book Soul Mind Body Science System: Grand Unification Theory and Practice with Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha Rulin Xiu Ph.D works on the forefront of the breakthrough science to unify science and spirituality at the most fundamental level.

In 2014 Rulin received the book Divine Love. Divine Love is the message from Divine about how to use the power of love to create a life full of love abundance joy and peace. Dr. Rulin is dedicated to awakening humanity to the divine love and teaching people to live in divine love. She created science of love to unify love with science.

Rulin Xiu is also a divine channel Disciple and Worldwide Representative of the world-renowned miracle healer and soul leader Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. She travels worldwide offering soul heart mind body healing and blessing to help people have rapid transformation in health relationship finance intelligence happiness and every aspect of life.

Rulin Xiu is also founder and president of Pharm East. She has invented produced and manufactured some of the most effective natural herbal remedies.


The course addresses a fundamental question about what everyone and everything is made of, what are our innate powers, how to utilize our powers, and how to develop these powers.

In this course, you will gain a better understanding about yourself, everyone, everything, as well as the deeper meaning, higher power, and greater purpose of your life. You will learn and practice how to develop and utilize your higher power to transform and uplift every aspect of your life.

Students will also receive blessings to help them understand the wisdom and to heal and transform their lives.

Students are required to bring one or two life situations or areas that they really want to transform. They will apply the wisdom and practice they learn in this course to transform them. In the end, they are required to make a presentation to share the wisdom and the life transforming experience in this course.

Based on the presentation and the life transforming experience, some students may be certified to teach this course.

Course information contains

Week 1. Soul

  • What is soul?
  • What is information?
  • What is positive information and negative information?
  • What is quantum entanglement?
  • What is the power of soul? What is positive soul power and negative soul power?
  • How to utilize the power of soul
  • How to develop soul power?
  • Practice
  • Blessing


Week 2. Heart

  • What is heart?
  • What is the power of heart? What is positive heart power and negative heart power?
  • What is resonance?
  • What is coincidence and synchronicity? How is it created?
  • How to utilize the power of heart?
  • How to develop heart power?
  • Practice
  • Blessing


Week 3. Mind

  • What is Mind?
  • What is the power of mind? What is positive mind power and negative mind power?
  • How to utilize the power of Mind?
  • How to develop mind power?
  • Practice
  • Blessing


Week 4. Qi – Energy

  • What is Qi?
  • What is the power of Qi (energy) and Jing (matter)? What is the positive Qi (energy) power and negative Qi (energy) power?
  • How to utilize the power of Qi (energy)
  • How to develop energy power?
  • Blessings


Week 5. Jing (Matter)

  • What is Jing (matter)?
  • What is the power of Jing (matter)? What is the positive Jing (matter) power and negative Jing  (matter) power?
  • How to utilize the power of Jing (matter) to transform soul, heart, and mind?
  • How to develop positive Jing  (matter) power?
  • How to calculate soul, heart, and mind?
  • Practice
  • Blessings

This course does not require any prerequisites.

This is a non-certificate course.

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No Additional Training Material is required for this course, besides the one provided within the course by the instructor.

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Tao Science ist Schlüssel für mich für die bewusste positive Veränderung in meinem Leben — Birgit Seefeldt

Tao Science ist Schlüssel für mich für die bewusste positive Veränderung in allen Bereichen meines Lebens in besonders einfacher, sanfter und schneller Form.
Für mich persönlich durfte ich die absolute Selbstannahme ohne wenn und aber erlernen. Das macht glücklich und bringt die inneren Widerstände zum Schmelzen. Es birgt die Kraft des Erkennens und Hervorbringens der größten Potentiale in mir.
Wenn du ebenfalls erfahren willst, wie du mit diesem Weg leichter in Deinem Leben vorankommen kannst und entdecken willst was tatsächlich in Dir steckt, was Du Dich vielleicht noch nie getraut hast zu leben. Jedoch immer schon erfahren und leben wolltest. Du gemerkt hast, dass da noch mehr sein muss, um wirklich Dein höchstes Selbst zu leben. Dann Lade ich Dich herzlich ein, diese wundervolle Chance zu ergreifen, an diesem/Deinem Tao Science Kurs mit Dr. Rulin teilzunehmen und in unseren Studiengruppen zu erleben, wie Du das überwinden kannst, in sehr sanfter und effektiver Form, was für Dich die größte Herausforderung in Deinem Leben darstellte. Dabei wünsche ich Dir von Herzen gutes Gelingen, viel Erfolg und Freude.

WOW this TAO Science course is really transforming !!! — Ines Kerstin Zander

Hello my name is Ines and I would like to share my today experiences with you. I am so thankful that I have attended the Tao Science Course Module 1. This Tao Science online course has really changed and enriched my life. In a way I never thought it possible. My deepest thanks go to Master Rulin and Master Sha. This first module is about the law of soul, mind and body, and how they work together. I understood a lot more deeply than I create my own life. And always have only been very unconscious. Through the knowledge and the exercises, the blessings I can now more consciously create my life and I feel much more alive. I live and will not live. I learned a lot about our souls, heart, and spirit. And apply all the knowledge directly in my everyday life. Wow! This is such a good and powerful feeling. And I see more and more different results as before this course. I am returning to my self-love and self-responsibility for my life through this course.
I am infinitely grateful for this Tao Science online course and can recommend it to anyone. Through this course, you will get all the knowledge and the techniques to really change your life as you want it.
Use the chance. take this course and create the life you want.

“Connect The Dots” with Tao Science theory and practical methods — Terry McGill

What I have found in much of the New Age teachings is that most are all “take this on faith” – and my mind resists greatly what it does not have experience with, or a theory that allows me to connect my past experiences with the new subject matter. Tao Science provides my conscious mind with scientific theory and practical methods that predict or explain how I can change how I behave. I can now accept more teachings than before, and apply the techniques.

Even more surprising is that I am finding myself stopping when writing, and choosing another word. My unconscious mind is refusing to use some words and phrases that I have used for decades. A few minutes, I stopped before typing “kill that response” and realized that I did not want to use the frequency and vibration of the word “kill.” I realized that “transform my reaction” was a phrase that felt more peaceful to me – and conveyed the same thought. There was another similar experience, but I can’t recall the phrase; but it did not feel right so I changed it. This is happening at the unconscious level – and there’s no other reason for this to be occurring except that I have studied and practiced with Tao Science theory and methods. I am recommending Tao Science to everyone who expresses frustration with their life. Tao Science theory lets me understand – “connect the dots” – and the practices have transformed me below the conscious level. Thank you Dr. and Master Rulin Xiu and Master Sha.