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Tao Hands: Discover Transformational Abilities to Bless Your Health, Relationships, Finance and Business

Taught By

David Lusch


You will receive: Modules: 6 Video: 2 hours Skill Level: All Levels Language: English Includes: 30 days unlimited views Watch on any Android or Apple Devices


  • Module 1
    • > Discover Tao Hands
  • Module 2
    • > Master Sha – A Transformational Leader
  • Module 3
    • > Weng Ar Hong – An Ancient Practice to Self-Heal and Transform Your Life
  • Module 4
    • > Discover Transformational Abilities to Bless Your Health, Relationships, Finance and Business
  • Module 5
    • > Receive a Tao Hands Blessing in a Guided Meditation
  • Module 6
    • > Living Your Highest Potential
  • Tao Academy Online Survey


David Lusch

David Lusch is a Certified Master Teacher of Tao Academy. He has managed and developed worldwide training programs based on the teachings of Master Sha. He has assisted in the training of thousands of Tao Hands Practitioners Soul Teachers Soul Communicators and Master Teachers worldwide.

As one of seven authority Tao Teachers to spread Master Sha's highest teaching and wisdom David offers secret and sacred Tao wisdom practices and healing blessings.

When he met Master Sha in 2004 David had suffered from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) for most of his life. Searching for self-healing techniques, he dedicatedly learned Master Sha's system received healing blessings and practiced daily. Within one year of meeting Master Sha David was completely healed of OCD and worked with his psychiatrist to halt all medication which he had expected to take for the rest of his life.

As the author of How I Healed My Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder David shares his soul healing experience to inspire and give hope to others who are suffering from "incurable" conditions. He guides others to overcome life challenges activate the body's natural abilities for health and well-being and live their life purpose. David has dedicated his life to help others become healthier, happier and more successful so they too can experience more of the greatest love, forgiveness, compassion, light and peace. He is devoted to helping to create a world of love peace and harmony.

David received a B.S. in Business Administration from California State University Hayward. He also previously worked in the high-tech industry.


The journey to transform our lives has many twists and turns. We are taken to places that can stretch us beyond our comfort zones. If we were never stretched, how would we grow?

We are looking to live our best lives, fulfill our life purposes, and reach our highest potentials. This includes:

  • Searching for health, happiness, and success in life
  • Wanting to heal so we can do what we enjoy in life
  • Feeling good and maintaining our health, preventing sickness, and experiencing balance and harmony in our lives
  • Removing the feelings of being trapped and transforming health conditions such as stress, anxiety, burnout, insomnia, depression, extreme worry, anger and other mental and emotional imbalances
  • Experiencing more inner joy and peace, and heightened levels of awareness and connection
  • Serving others to help make their lives better.

In our lives, the daily tasks take up our mental space, emotional wellbeing and physical time. We can forget who we are. We may not allow ourselves to dream of who we could be. We can become conditioned to the everyday routine.

If you want to live your best life, you have to allow yourself to move past the daily routine. If you only continue to do what you are doing, then you are only going to get what you are already getting. You will never be more than what you are now. If you shift even one thing, then the process of change has begun.

Let us introduce a transformational possibility: Tao Hands.

Tao Hands brings change. Tao Hands brings transformation. Tao Hands breaks the monotony of the everyday. Tao Hands grows the belief and the trust that you could reach your highest potential. Tao Hands are for everyone.

Tao Hands empower you in the possibility to bring transformation to your life and the lives of others. With Tao Hands, go beyond thinking or wishing for a meaningful path. You are handed a meaningful existence. You could make a positive difference in the lives of your loved ones and yourself.  

Join this course and be empowered to:

  • Discover more about the transformational abilities of Tao Hands
  • Hear true life transformation stories
  • Receive a Tao Hands Healing Blessing for one request while being guided through a meditation
  • Learn how you can make a positive difference in the lives of others through offering Tao Hands blessings
  • Renew your commitment and consistency to be the best you can be and reaching your highest potential in life.

Take the opportunity to learn more and empower your life with Tao Hands.

Allow change to arrive.

Experience the profound transformational power of Tao Hands.

Bonus Ebook

  • Living Your Commitment to Yourself: 3 Important Ways to Reach Your Highest Potential, Ebook (As part of the course)

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand who is Master Zhi Gang Sha and his passion to help humanity to become healthier, happier and reach their highest potentials.
  • Explain Tao Hand’s transformational abilities to bless your health, relationships, finance, business and more.
  • Describe your experience of receiving a Tao Hands Healing Blessing in a guided meditation.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to living your highest potential through setting one actionable goal to better your life.
  • Identify how you will continue to make changes in your life to become the best that you can be, fulfill your life purposes, and reach your highest potentials.

Overview of topics by class

Module 1: Discover Tao Hands

  • Introduction to Tao Hands
  • Tao Hands: The possibilities
  • What if you could live your life purpose and reach your highest potential?

Module 2: Master Sha – A Transformational Leader

  • Who is Master Sha?
  • Master Sha’s Mission
  • Master Sha’s commitment to serve humanity

Module 3: Weng Ar Hong - An Ancient Practice to Self-Heal and Transform Your Life

  • The power of Weng Ar Hong
  • Practice to self-heal and transform an aspect of your life
  • Experience the joy and empowerment of self-practice

Module 4: Tao Hands – Discover Transformational Abilities to Bless Your Health, Relationships, Finance and Business

  • What are Tao Hands?
  • The power and significance of Tao Hands
  • How Tao Hands carry transformational abilities to bless your health, relationships, finance, business, and more
  • Tao Hands stories

Module 5: Receive a Tao Hands Blessing in a Guided Meditation

  • The power of Tao Hands
  • How Tao Hands can benefit your life
  • Receive a Tao Hands Blessing

Module 6: Living Your Highest Potential

  • The power of a Tao Hands blessing
  • Steps to live your life purpose and reach your highest potential.
  • Commit to yourself.
  • How Tao Hands can serve you


Thank you for the beautiful introduction to Tao Hands! — Elisabeth Schricker

Very beautiful, informative and tangible introduction. It´s now almost 8 years that I have received the Tao Hands light transmission. Today I was reminded that very special day in my life because I offered a Tao Hands Blessing to a friend and her severe throat pain was instantly gone. So I started to tell her how my life has changed since that day. I witnessed so many touching results by using Tao Hands for myself, my family, my clients in the past years, that I want to say THANK YOU to Heaven and Source, to Master Sha and Tao Academy, for the opportunity to receive this treasure, to help others, to grow personally, to align with my soul´s purpose.