Master Sha TaoAcademy

Soul Teacher – English Level 3

Level 3

Taught By

Master Teacher Allan Chuck

HONOR FEE : $350


  • Week 1
    • > Shen Qi Jing
  • Week 2
    • > Using the Four Power Techniques for Common Practices Part III
  • Week 3
    • > Five Elements Part 2
  • Week 3 – Quiz 1
  • Week 4
    • > Jin Dan
  • Week 5
    • > Sacred Source Jin Dan Meditation
  • Week 6
    • > The Source Sacred Mantras
  • Week 6 – Quiz #2
  • Week 7
    • > Tao Calligraphies Part 1
  • Week 8
    • > Tao Calligraphies Part 2
  • Week 9
    • > Tao Calligraphies, Tao Chang in some of Master Sha’s Centers, and the Book Circle
  • Week 9 Quiz #3
  • Week 10
    • > How to Offer Special Services Part 1
  • Week 11
    • > How to Offer Special Services Part 2
  • Week 12
    • > How to Mentor Students Part 1
  • Week 12 Quiz #4
  • Week 13
    • > How to Mentor Students Part 2
  • Week 14
    • > How to Mentor Students Part 3
  • Week 15
    • > Soul Teacher Review Session
  • Week 15 Quiz #5
  • Level 3 Final Exam
  • Tao Academy Online Survey


Master Teacher Allan Chuck

Allan Chuck is a Certified Master Teacher of Master Sha. He has been trained rigorously by Master Sha since 2000 and was appointed one of Master Sha’s first Assistant Teachers in 2005.

Allan is recognized internationally as an inspiring teacher and a profound agent of change. As the editor of all of Master Sha’s best-selling books his knowledge of the wisdom and practices is unparalleled and he is able to share his deep understanding in ways that are accessible and empowering to all. With his previous decades of practical people-centric experience in the academic and corporate worlds he can guide you in the simplest and most powerful techniques and offer high-level blessings to align your soul heart mind and body and achieve profound soulfulness for health happiness vitality loving relationships and more.


Soul Teacher Certification Training Program

The Soul Teacher Training Program is a unique and revolutionary program that empowers you to learn and spread sacred soul healing wisdom, knowledge, and practices of Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha to serve and empower humanity to transform their health, relationships, finances, business, intelligence, and soul journey.

Becoming a Soul Teacher is one of the most powerful steps to take to expand your capabilities to serve more fully your clients and students with transformation techniques, including the Four Power Techniques, Universal Meditation, One-Hand Near, One-Hand Far, five energy centers, soul orders, forgiveness practices, Soul Language, Soul Songs, Divine Soul Songs, Tao Calligraphies, and more. You will also learn how to be a powerful teacher, improve in offering services, and mentor students more effectively.

Certified Master Teachers of Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha will lead you through this training program. Each teacher will share with you his/her knowledge and wisdom, and prepare you to serve through teaching others during these extraordinary times. You will learn the necessary soul wisdom, knowledge, practical techniques, and practical skills to be a professional Soul Teacher.

Certified Soul Teachers will empower others through workshops, groups and individual sessions to become happier, healthier, and successful in their lives and soul journeys. It is an honor beyond words. Be a part of a global movement to empower humanity to create love, peace, and harmony!


All classes will be via video and students will require a computer and high-speed internet access that will play videos and movies without interruptions, and listen to teleconferences via VoIP, i.e. Skype, if not using a phone.

Classes will begin August 27, 2016.


  • Certified Tao Hands Practitioner or join the Tao Hands Training Program and complete this training program and certification by the end of Level 2
  • Apply for admission to the training program
  • Interview with a Certified Master Teacher of Master Sha
  • Approval by spiritual guidance

Certification Requirements

Enrolled students must complete all requirements successfully in order to receive a certificate of course completion:

  • Attend and complete the course:
    • 3 levels of video training (15 classes per level of 1.5 hours per class, total of 45 classes and 67.5 hours).
    • 3 levels of teleconference questions and answers session (5 sessions per level of 1.5 hours per session, total of 15 sessions and 22.5 hours)
    • Reading assignments, written assignments, homework, and partner work
    • Attend two 3-day in-person workshops and one 5-day in-person retreat with a Certified Master Teacher
  • Sign and submit the Soul Teacher Agreement.
  • Receive Spiritual Transmission: Tian Wai Tian Soul Teacher Shen Qi Jing Light Transmissions.
  • Pass all oral and written examinations.
  • Provide 2 YouTube video teaching sessions for assessment of teaching skills by a Certified Master Teacher per level. Additional fees will apply for requests for additional assessments of teaching skills.
  • Start and grow a Love Peace Harmony Group and a Soul Healing Group. (Names subject to change.)
  • Teach 1 four-hour workshop in Level 2 and 1 full day workshop in Level 3.
  • Receive approval through spiritual guidance as ready to be certified.
  • Students who complete and pass all certification requirements will receive certification as a Soul Teacher, which is valid for two years.

Training Materials

The Soul Teacher Training Program includes the following study materials:

  • Study guides and syllabus
  • Access to online video recordings
  • Books by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha (additional fees will apply)
    • Divine Soul Songs
    • Sha's Golden Healing Ball
    • Soul Healing Miracles
    • Soul Mind Body Medicine
    • The Power of Soul
  • Audiobooks by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha (additional fees will apply)
    • Divine Soul Songs
    • Soul Healing Miracles
    • The Power of Soul
  • DVDs (additional fees will apply)
    • Divine Soul Song of Five Elements
    • Divine Soul Song of Yin Yang
    • Power Healing Self-Heal 10 Conditions
    • Self-Healing with Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha
    • Soul Healing Miracles and the Source Ling Guang Calligraphies
    • The Power of Soul with Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha
  • CDs (additional fees will apply)
    • Divine Soul Song Love, Peace and Harmony
    • Divine Soul Song of Yin Yang
    • Follow Nature's Way
    • God Gives His Heart to Me
    • God's Light
    • I Love You
    • Shining Soul Light
    • Soul Song for Weight Loss
    • Soul Symphony of Yin Yang
    • Universal Light
  • Card Sets (additional fees will apply)
    • Source Ling Guang Calligraphy Soul Healing Cards – Package of 9 Card Set
  • Selected YouTube videos

Soul Teacher Agreement

All students must submit a signed Soul Teacher Agreement before being granted certification. This Agreement defines the abilities given to a Certified Soul Teacher, the services he/she may offer as a Certified Soul Teacher, as well as some spiritual and legal guidelines to protect him/her and the Tao Academy.


  • $2,995 CAD total fee for the Soul Teacher Certification Training Program. Registration fees for the Spiritual Transmission and the levels of the program are paid in Canadian currency. Registration fees for the workshops and retreat are paid in the local currency of where the events are held.
  • $1,095 CAD for the Spiritual Transmission
  • $350 CAD for each level; total for all 3 levels: $1,050 CAD
  • $250 CAD for each 3-day workshop; total for two 3-day workshops: $500 CAD
  • $350 CAD for the 5-day retreat
  • Fees for the first level and the Spiritual Transmission must be paid in full before starting the training program
  • Additional fees apply for all prerequisite requirements and designated course materials, and must be fulfilled before beginning the training program.
  • Travel, lodging, and meals are the student's responsibility for all retreats and workshops.

Special for Joining Both Training Programs

If you are approved and would like to participate in both the Soul Communicator and Soul Teacher Training Programs starting in August 2016, you will receive:

  • 25% off the spiritual transmissions and Level 1 tuition fees for both programs
  • A to-be-announced divine treasure
  • A 30-minute personal soul reading from one local Certified Master Teacher : How being a Tao Communicator and Soul Teacher will help you accomplish your life purpose (occurs sometime within Level 1)

Event Locations

Level 1-2 workshops will be held in: Australia (Sydney); Austria (Biedermannsdorf, near Vienna); Belgium (Antwerp) or Netherlands; Canada (Toronto); Germany (Berlin, Stuttgart); India (Delhi); United States of America (Honolulu, Phoenix, Portland, San Francisco).

Certification Retreats will be held in: Australia (Sydney); Austria (Biedermannsdorf, near Vienna); Belgium (Antwerp) or Netherlands; Canada (Toronto); Germany (Berlin); India (Delhi); United States of America (Honolulu, San Francisco).

Students must attend all events for this training program in person. Location of level workshops and certification retreats are subject to change at any time due to student participation. If location changes, students will need to travel to any available location of their choice.


To renew their certification, Soul Teachers must complete additional training through a Soul Teacher Recertification 5-7 day retreat, or other approved retreat, to receive updated divine and Tao secrets, wisdom, knowledge and practices for the Soul Teacher Program. Separate honor fees apply for this retreat.

Refund Policy

Due to spiritual consideration, no refunds will be given for spiritual and Tao Transmissions. No refund is given for any level started after the fifth week. Schedules and fees are subject to change.

Other Policies

Please refer to our other Privacy Policy: and Our Privacy Policy also governs your visit to or purchases at


Highest Service is to Teach — Maidelilah Tran

I heard an old teaching that 'rather than give people the fish, give them the fishing line, so they can catch the fish themself each day for the rest of their lives'. That's what I saw when I registered for this course, rather than offer people the healing each time, this course is the access for me to give other the 'fishing lines', to teach others how to heal themself.
I have been using the training to build up the confidence in offer group sessions over the last year, it has been a rewarding to see the light in other's face and know that they have the access to help themself if they choose to. MT Australia

Thank you Tao Academy for an Excellent course — Adina Dimitriu

I found the soul teacher program to be an exceptional investment in my future career for the value I honored for it. I learned so much and made lifelong friendships along the way. I met like minded individuals located all over Canada and US, met amazing master teachers, learned to go deep in my soul and heart to bring out life experiences I can use to share wisdom with students. I learned wisdom and practical techniques to share with people to help them reconnect with their soul and align their soul heart mind and body with a positive message like greatest love, light and so much more. I completed quizes and final exam, attended one workshop after each semester, had 15 sets of videos for each class, each set having multiple videos and handouts. I learned to be more disciplined and to better organize my time in order to manage a full time job and 2 programs (soul teacher and soul communicator). I feel I have transformed so much during the past 18 months. I now have the confidence to deliver wisdom to groups of people, I can help them become healthier and happier and I became part of a family like community of soul practitioners committed to make the world a better place, located all over the world. I feel beyond blessed and grateful. Thank you Master Allan, Thank you Tao Academy. Thank you Master Sha. Love you all.

Sul healing miracles training program — Brajeshwar Sharma

This whole program is a wonder land visit and practce prograam. I feel this is must for all Tao practioners of Tao Academy.
one gets indepthof practices of healing protocols which are very easy and but of great Value. All become more aligned to our belove spiritual Father Master Sha. Our beloved Physical Master has poured all secrets in very simple and easy to learn mode.Really really the progam design is excellent and praise worthy.
I bow down to Beloved Master Sha and all master who lead the programs in very efficient Manner.Salute To Tao Academy .
Ty Ty Ty Ly Ly Ly