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5 Secrets for Living a Happy, Fulfilling Life

Taught By

Master Francisco Quintero


You will receive: Modules: 6 Video: 1 hr 36 min Skill Level: All Levels Languages: English Includes: 30 days of unlimited views Watch on any Android or Apple Devices


  • Module 1
    • > Forgiving Yourself and Others
  • Module 2
    • > Loving Yourself and Others
  • Module 3
    • > Selfless Service Increases Happiness
  • Module 4
    • > More Gratitude Equals More Happiness
  • Module 5
    • > Happiness Meditation
  • Module 6
    • > Summary and Blessings
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Master Francisco Quintero

Master Francisco Quintero is the lead teacher and trainer at the Tao Institute.

As a Divine Channel and Worldwide Representative he has managed and developed global training programs based on the teachings of Master Sha. Master Francisco’s expertise and knowledge have assisted in the training of more than one thousand Divine Healing Hands™ Practitioners Soul Teachers and Healers and Soul Communicators worldwide.


Be an architect of your own joy — learn the how-to behind genuine inner happiness.

What you’ll learn:

Module 1: Forgiving Yourself and Others
The first step in creating your happy life is forgiving everyone and everything. Learn the Four Power Techniques® to remove energy blockages to forgiving yourself and others.

Module 2: Loving Yourself and Others
When you truly love your soul, it expands and blesses your life with guidance for leading a happier, more fulfilling life. Learn how to use positive affirmations and chanting to open your heart and let your love flow freely.

Module 3: Selfless Service Increases Happiness
When you give unconditionally and share selflessly with others, you receive unlimited blessings in your life. Happiness often comes from living a fulfilling life that creates an impact on society.

Module 4: More Gratitude Equals More Happiness
Learn the science behind the power of gratitude in creating a happy outlook. Fill your well of thankfulness through a gratitude building exercise, and you’ll find that you feel more content and joyful in your daily life.

Module 5: Happiness Meditation
Happiness is a practical skill that you can easily learn and share with others. Through this active happiness meditation, you’ll learn how to access good feelings no matter what’s happening during your day.

Module 6: Summary and Blessings
You have the power to be the architect of your own joy, and create genuine happiness.

This course does not require any prerequisites.

This is a non-certificate course.

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No Additional Training Material is required for this course, besides the one provided within the course by the instructor.

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Simple and powerful teachings and practices for happiness — Eric Chen

By doing the practices in this workshop, I already feel happier. My mood has changed. I can feel the cells and my whole body radiating more happiness.

So simple and practical to create more happiness in my life. LY LY LY TY TY TY Master Francisco, Master Sha and Tao Academy.

Bring Success and Happiness — Francisco Quintero

So happy. So full of joy. I hope you all enjoy this new course as much as I did in creating it. It was absolutley a blast to share with you all the keys, techniques, and practices to expereince greater joy and happiness in your life.

Happiness — Vicky Thompson

This course reminded me that I can tap into my inner happiness to feel more gratitude for my life. This is a simple yet powerful course.