Tao Soul Communicator Semester 3 Dutch

The Tao Soul Communicator Training Program is a unique and revolutionary program that empowers you to open and further open your four major spiritual channels: Soul Language Channel, Soul Communication Channel, Third Eye Channel, and Direct Knowing Channel. You will learn sacred wisdom, knowledge, and practices of Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha to open or further open your spiritual channels—focused most specifically on the Soul Language and Soul Communication Channels.Becoming a Soul Communicator is one of the most powerful steps you can make to expand your capabilities to serve yourself, your clients, and your students more fully. The benefits of opening your spiritual channels are beyond comprehension. You will learn how to:• Speak Soul Language, translate Soul Language, and communicate with the soul world• Experience Direct Soul Communication with your soul, your spiritual fathers and mothers, and the Divine and Tao Source• Use your spiritual channels properly and how to work with clients

Program Coordinator

Marilyn Smith

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Marilyn Smith
Marilyn Smith, a Certified Master Teacher since 2009, is the author of Gratitude: A Key to Happiness. As an ambassador of the Love Peace Harmony Movement, she travels worldwide giving blessings. Drawing from her background as a highly successful teacher and administrator in elementary education, Marilyn leads workshops, tele classes, and retreats that serve people in every aspects of life and provide key wisdom and practical techniques for staying happy and healthy. Marilyn’s professional background was in elementary education where she was a highly successful teacher and administrator. Her experience included teaching many levels of elementary education, ranging from classroom teacher, RSP teacher (teaching children at least two years below grade level in reading, math, or both), as well as being a school administrator. Now she teaches a wide selection of power of soul workshops that can benefit every aspect of life, from health to finances and relationships, and leads a unique series of workshops on how to have healthy, happy, intelligent children.

Course Lessons