The Tao Hands Practitioner Advanced Training Program empowers the practitioner to gain greater wisdom, practices, and Tao Hands power and abilities to serve on a higher-level to help others create healthier, happier and more successful lives.

Certified Tao Hands Practitioners can join the Tao Hands Practitioner Advanced Training Program offered through one-plus day events held approximately every six months with Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha or other designated Certified Master Teachers and Healers of the Tao Academy.

Take your career and
expertise to a new level!

Program Coordinator

David Lusch

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 David Lusch is a Leading Teacher trained by Dr and Master Zhi Gang Sha. As one of its leading teachers, he has assisted in the training of thousands of practitioners worldwide. As one of eight authority Tao Teachers to spread Master Sha’s highest teaching and wisdom, David offers secret and sacred wisdom, practices, and healing blessings. David is the author of How I Healed My Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and a co-author of the Amazon bestseller Greatest Forgiveness: Bring Joy & Peace to Your Life with the Power of Unconditional Forgiveness. 

Course Lessons