Da Bei Zhou Compassion Messenger 2023 Program

The Da Bei Zhou Compassion Messenger Program is a unique program that empowers you to learn and spread the sacred Da Bei Zhou and deepen your connection with the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of Da Bei Zhou.

Program Coordinators

Dr Peter Hudoba
Hui-Ling Lin
Henderson Ong

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Peter Hudoba
Peter Hudoba is a Certified Master Teacher and Certified Calligraphy Teacher, trained by Master Zhi Gang Sha. He has dedicated his life to supporting Master Sha’s teachings.

Peter’s professional background is in university education as a highly successful neurosurgeon, teacher, and researcher.

Peter travels worldwide to teach and offer lectures on soul mind body alignment and enlightenment. Peter’s desire is to teach anyone how to maintain good health and to help people reach enlightenment.

His first book, My Soul Enlightenment Journey with Master Sha, can be a model for enlightenment for any spiritual being. In his second book, Shen Medicine: Changing Messages of Illness to Health as Told by a Neurosurgeon, Dr. Hudoba explains this unique approach to healing and presents results of his research. Peter is also a lineage holder of one of the oldest Taoist traditions in the world and leads special classes for the most dedicated students of Tao.

He resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, where he offers public lectures and personal consultations.
Henderson Ong
Henderson Ong is a Certified Master Teacher trained by Master Zhi Gang Sha. In addition, he is also a Tao Calligraphy Teacher, Guan Yin Lineage Holder, and Tao Hands Practitioner.

Henderson works as the Art Director for Universal Soul Service to help market and promote Master Sha’s books, teachings, and events. He is dedicated to sharing the soul wisdom, knowledge, and practical techniques that he has learned to help every soul achieve well-being in every aspect of life.

Hui-Ling lin

Hui-Ling Lin is a Certified Master Teacher trained by Master Zhi Gang Sha, a Tao Calligraphy Teacher, Tao Hands Practitioner, and a Guan Yin lineage holder, and one of Master Sha’s traveling teachers. She is trained in Kundalini yoga, pre-natal yoga, Thai massage, Reiki, bio-energy healing, shamanic healing, and holds a Master’s Degree in Urban Planning from the National Taiwan University in Taipei and a PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of British Columbia in Canada.

Her lecture topics include feminist film theory, the politics of representation, cultural studies, gender, sexuality, and racial relations, transnational Chinese cinema, urban and cultural geography, immigration studies, and contemporary film history. During her studies, she had the opportunity to receive special intensive film production training from the National Film Board and discovered a passion for post-production, especially for editing. Since completing her Ph.D., she has had the greatest honor of joining Master Sha’s core Media Team as an editor.

Not only has she been so blessed to witness hundred and thousands of blessings and soul renewals from Master Sha and his Certified Practitioners and Teachers, but this has given her a great opportunity to develop a deeper gratitude for learning the profound wisdom, knowledge, and practices that Master Sha and all his Certified Teachers and Practitioners are sharing with humanity.

Course Lessons