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Forgiveness Heals, by David Lusch in the New Spirit Journal

Most of us have had the experience of having hurt someone, or of making a serious mistake, and then being forgiven. If we reflect on this, we may be able to remember how grateful we were to be forgiven. If we contrast this with a time that we may have hurt someone, but were not forgiven, we may remember how this felt also, and how it may have impacted our relationship with that person. If the relationship continues, there may be undertones and blockages related to this lack of forgiveness. Find Out More

The Mindful Word: The Healing Power of Forgiveness; Practicing Forgiveness Transforms Your Life, by David Lusch

The growing field of research on forgiveness reveals ample evidence that forgiveness makes people happier and healthier. Even medical doctors are endorsing forgiveness as being helpful to the healing process. And forgiveness can be learned with practice, so anyone can apply forgiveness to heal and transform his or her life. Find Out More


4 Easy Ways to Practice Mindfulness in 2020

This is the perfect time to cultivate mindfulness to help you shift your attention to taking care of yourself and focusing on what is really important in life. Make this pause in your busy life a healing time. Find Out More

3 Ways to Center Yourself In 2020

Whether we suffer from stress, anxiety, or depression, we all can benefit from centering ourselves. Discover the way the way to center yourself that suits your personality and rise above your challenges.

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5 Ways to Self-Heal and Become A Stronger You In 2020

Tao Academy offers some practical guidance for self-healing and creating the support to overcome physical and emotional pain. There are many ways we practice self-care to add to our practice to become happier and healthier.

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