What is Tao Academy?

Tao Academy was founded by Master Zhi Gang Sha, a Tao Grandmaster, renowned healer, and a global spiritual leader. He is the author of over 30 books that contain ancient wisdom teachings and sacred practices to empower others in creating profound self-transformation.

Tao Academy offers a unique virtual learning experience, through a wide variety of online courses and workshops focused on wellness, spirituality, personal growth, productivity, creativity, and more.

Our targeted audience is h u m a n i t y, offering wisdom and resources to those who wish to heal and transform souls; either their own souls or others’.

Programs and courses at Tao Academy are designed for students of Master Sha's wisdom who wish to deepen their wisdom or become practitioners. If you have just been introduced to Master Sha, we suggest beginning your Tao Academy journey by considering our Tao Hands Program.

To become a Tao Hands Practitioner or experience the program again, register here.