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Master Sha founded the Tao Academy to share Tao wisdom and practices through classes, workshops, retreats, and training programs. He has trained thousands of teachers and practitioners worldwide and taught many students simple but powerful self-healing techniques.

Let Tao Academy Be Your Guide

Our mission is to empower people to create optimal health, happiness, success and fulfillment
through Soulfulness and Tao Technologies.

Dr. & Master Sha created Tao Academy to help people be happier and healthier.
Participating at Tao Academy can help you transform on three levels:


Self-transformation can lead to improvement in all aspects of your life.


Your transformation can inspire positive change and contribute to the growth and well-being of your community.


Transformation also serves as a ripple effect, fostering empathy, understanding, and positivity to better humanity.


Online Learning Portal

How does Tao Academy work?
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Self-paced Learning

Education programs and courses that lets you control how often and how long you participate.

Blended Learning

A collection of courses that are led by our Tao Academy certified Master Teachers in a combination of live and pre-recorded sessions.

Introduction Programs

Select from programs designed for our newer Tao Academy students as they find their personal pathway.

Advanced Student Programs

Programs designed for the most advanced Tao Academy students.


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